My Journey

I have spent decades coaching people on their growth journey. So many times, the biggest obstacle holding people back from living the life they wanted was their inability to see: (1) how they were limiting themselves, (2) their blind spots and (3) how to move forward.

After coaching thousands of people, I ended up on a challenging personal and professional development journey of my own. That journey would teach me as much, if not more, about personal and professional development than all of my education and experience combined.

On a fateful day in October, 2007, I headed out for a run. The route was one of the most beautiful I had experienced. It looped around a lake and into the woods. Little did I know, that run would change my life forever. It was then that a 40-foot pine tree snapped, falling and striking me as it made its way swiftly to the ground. I now lovingly call it "the Run of a Life Time".

My brain suffered severe damage and my spine was badly injured. I lost my motor skills, balance, memory, coordination, and mobility. The accident left me challenged to say the least. I suddenly found myself at the bottom of a very steep recovery journey. The next several years of my journey were spent working with the best neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists. 

In a matter of a minute, my life changed forever. Thankfully, with a lot of  hard work, I have healed and regained my functioning.  My healing journey provided new perspective and highlighted many unique life lessons along the way. The process of relearning how to walk, talk, and function is far from easy. Yet it has some amazing benefits also. It has provided me with a truly unique lens to have experienced life through. That, my friend, provides me the opportunity to share those unique views and insights with others helping even more people become Rooted In Happiness, Living a Life They Love.