My Journey

In the fall of 2007, my family and I were on a weekend adventure together. During a run around the lake a 40-foot pine tree snapped in half and fell, hitting me and changing my life forever. I call it the Run of a Life Time.

My brain suffered severe damage. Despite the fact I had swelling on my brain, I avoided surgery. My spine was compacted and badly injured. Three weeks after the accident came another life-altering set back. During physical therapy, my brain finally caught up with my body and the all of the cognitive damage showed itself.

I lost my motor skills, balance, many memories and my mobility. The accident left me challenged and at the bottom of a very steep recovery journey that took me from doctor to doctor and therapy to therapy over the course of several years.

In a matter of a minute my life changed. Before the accident I was a woman who identified herself by her motherhood status and executive office. Now, ten years later, I’m still a proud mother of grown children, I’ve worked my way back to functioning and holding another executive role.

Today, I am a human resources leader and executive coach. For the last nine years, I’ve been the head of human resources for a $40 million dollar local non-profit organization in Michigan.

I believe in helping people be the best human they can be. I love developing leaders into their best version of themselves. My healing journey gave me a do-over in life with many life lessons playing out in front of me during this process. Learning how to walk, talk and function again as an adult brought me a new lens to share life through.

My hope is that my story allows you to see life through an unique lens and get deeply rooted in your own happiness.